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SyncDroid is a handy application that helps you back up the data from an Android device, may it be smartphone or tablet. It can retrieve and back up data like contacts, SMS messages, photos, videos, call log, and even browser bookmarks. If your Android phone gets broken or lost, your data will be safe on your computer, and it can be easily restored to any other Android device in a really easy and fast way. Besides this Windows app that backs up the data to the PC, SyncDroid also comes in the form of an Android client which can back up the data to a Dropbox account or to an SD card.

SyncDroid is easy to use thanks to its simple and straightforward interface. There are no complicated options, just select which data categories you want to back up and let the tool do its job. Its data retrieving speed is also pretty good.

Unlike most other similar apps, SyncDroid can connect to your Android phone via the typical USB connection (just enable the USB debugging mode on your phone and connect the phone via USB cable), or using a WiFi connection (download SyncDroid App onto your phone and connect via Wifi network). Furthermore, when using the USB connection, SyncDroid won't install an app on the connected Android phone.

After testing tens of similar programs that either cost too much, fail to detect the connected devices, install adware on my computer or on my Android device, or simply are too glitch-y and unreliable to represent a decent choice, the free, neat and unobtrusive SyncDroid got straight to my favorites. It's a trustworthy tool that I recommend with all my heart.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Fast.
  • Reliable.
  • Can connect with Android device via USB cable or via WiFi connection.
  • Can back up a lot of types of data


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